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Below you will find MSDS and Technical Sheets that are currently available. Sheet will open in a new window. All sheets are in pdf.



219 Mould Fast     MSDS
225 Stik-Umm     MSDS
226 Stik-Umm     MSDS
230 INTER-TACK Contact Adhesive     MSDS
612 Quick-Weld #1     SDS     MSDS     TECH 
622 Quick-Weld #2     SDS     MSDS     TECH 
625 Quick-Weld #3     SDS     MSDS     TECH 
631 Quick-Weld Adhesive Kit     INSERT
650 Quick-Set Activator     SDS     MSDS
668 QUICK SHOT Rear View Mirror Adhesive     MSDS     TECH
670 Stikk-Upp Rear View Mirror Adhesive     SDS A     SDS B     TECH     MSDS
672 Stikk-Upp Rear View Mirror Adhesive - DISCONTINUED     TECH     MSDS
700 INTER-LOCK Primer/Activator     MSDS     TECH 
705 Anaerobic Thread Sealant     SDS     MSDS    TECH 
722 INTER-LOCK #22 Purple 10mL     SDS     MSDS      TECH 
723 INTER-LOCK #22 Purple 50mL     SDS     MSDS      TECH
724 INTER-LOCK #22 Purple 1.5 gram tube - DISCONTINUED     SDS     MSDS      TECH
731 INTER-LOCK Thread Locker Assortment     TECH
742 INTER-LOCK #42 Blue 10mL     SDS     MSDS      TECH  
743 INTER-LOCK #42 Blue 50mL     SDS     MSDS      TECH
744 INTER-LOCK #42 Blue 1.5 gram tube - DISCONTINUED     SDS     MSDS      TECH
771 INTER-LOCK #71 Red 10mL      SDS     MSDS      TECH 
772 INTER-LOCK #71 Red 50mL      SDS     MSDS      TECH 
774 INTER-LOCK #71 Red 1.5 gram tube - DISCONTINUED      SDS     MSDS      TECH 
790 INTER-LOCK #90 Green 10mL     SDS     MSDS      TECH 
791 INTER-LOCK #90 Green 50mL     SDS     MSDS      TECH 
794 INTER-LOCK #90 Green 1.5 gram tube - DISCONTINUED     SDS     MSDS      TECH 
1000 IES-1000 RESTORE-IT     MSDS     TECH
1201 RTV Silicone Sealant Clear     MSDS
1203 RTV Silicone Sealant Black     MSDS
1210 Liquid Gasket RTV Silicone Sealant Clear     SDS     MSDS
1211 Liquid Gasket RTV Silicone Sealant Black     SDS     MSDS
1212 Liquid Gasket RTV Silicone Sealant Red     SDS     MSDS
1410 Dielectric Silicone Grease     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1412 SLC Silicone Lubricating Compound     SDS     MSDS
1450 Brake Silencer     SDS     MSDS      TECH
1470 IES-2000 Anti-Seize Lubricant 8 oz     SDS    MSDS
1500 INTER-COAT Rust Preventive Urethane Coating     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1504 Glass Resealant - Pump Grade     TECH     MSDS
1508 Strip Putty Black 3/16" Bead     MSDS
1511 Brushable Seam Sealer White     MSDS
1512 INTER-SEAL Joint and Seam Sealer     MSDS
1514 INTERTHANE Urethane Adhesive/Sealer (Black) - DISCONTINUED     MSDS     TECH
1515 Urethane Cleaner/Activator - DISCONTINUED     MSDS     TECH
1516-1518 Urethane Primer Black - DISCONTINUED     MSDS     TECH
1520-1522 INTER-MAT Xtreme Sound Deadener Mats     MSDS
1525 Weatherstrip Repair     MSDS
1535 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive     SDS     MSDS
1540 Firm & Flexible Seam Sealer Black     SDS     MSDS
1541 Firm & Flexible Seam Sealer Black 5 oz.     SDS     MSDS
1545 Firm & Flexible Seam Sealer White     SDS     MSDS
1546 Firm & Flexible Seam Sealer White 5 oz.     SDS     MSDS
1547 Firm & Flexible Clear 10.5 Cartridge     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1548 Firm & Flexible Clear 5 oz.     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1550 JETFLOSprayable/Caulking Seam Sealer Gun     TECH
1560 INTEGRA-360 Urethane Sealant/Adhesive-DISCONTINUED     MSDS
1565 INTEGRA-GRAY Urethane Sealant/Adhesive-DISCONTINUED     MSDS
1565P INTEGRA-GRAY Polymeric Sealant/Adhesive     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1570 Salami-Pack Urethane Sealant/Adhesive-DISCONTINUED     MSDS
1570P Salami-Pack Polymeric Sealant/Adhesive     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1575 OEM Pattern Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun     TECH      SCHEMATIC
1581 Sound Deadener Pad     TECH
1582 Sound Deadener Pad     TECH
1583 Black Mastic Aluminum Sound Deadener Pad     TECH
1585 Sound Deadener Pads Elastomeric Type Gray     MSDS
1586 Rubber Base Sprayable Seam Sealer Black     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1587 Rubber Base Sprayable Seam Sealer Beige     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1588 Rubber Base Sprayable Seam Sealer Gray     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1589B INTER-SEAM STP Polymeric Sprayable Seam Sealer     SDS     MSDS         TECH
1589G INTER-SEAM STP Polymeric Sprayable Seam Sealer     SDS     MSDS         TECH
1589T INTER-SEAM STP Polymeric Sprayable Seam Sealer     SDS     MSDS         TECH
1590 Under Carriage & Sound Deadener Coating     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1593 INTER SEAM Polymeric Seam Sealer White     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1595 Spectrum Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun     TECH
1600 Rubberized Undercoat     SDS     MSDS
1601 Rubberized Undercoat 1 Gal.     MSDS
1680 IES Multi-Coat HD Black 32 fl. oz.     MSDS     TECH
1685 Euro Economy Spray Gun (for #1680)     TECH
1690 Euro Multi-Spray Gun     TECH      INSERT SHEETS
1695 INTER-WAX Rustproofing, Clear Coating     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1700 Super Cleaning Solvent 32 oz.     SDS     MSDS
1701 Super Cleaning Solvent 1 Gal.     SDS     MSDS
1702 Super Cleaning Solvent 5 Gal.     SDS     MSDS
1703 Super Cleaning Solvent 55 Gal. Drum     SDS     MSDS
1750 QUICKIE 5000 Adhesive/Cement Remover     SDS     MSDS
1752 QUICKIE 5000 5 Gal.     SDS     MSDS
1753 QUICKIE 5000 55 Gal. Drum     SDS     MSDS
1780 Specialty Adhesive Remover     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1790 Super Clean 2 Waterbourne Vinyl & Plastic Prep     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1810-1811 INTER-BOND Low VOC Adhesion Promoter     SDS     TECH
1815-1816 INTER-CLAD Double Duty Primer & Sealer     SDS     TECH
1820-K120 BEDLINER PLUS!     SDS 1820     SDS1822     TECH
1840NS RUST-RAIDER Surface Prep     SDS     MSDS     TECH     TEST PLATES
1841 RUST-RAIDER Surface Prep     SDS     MSDS     TECH     TEST PLATES
1841-50 RUST-RAIDER Surface Prep     SDS     MSDS     TECH     TEST PLATES
1900-1903 SHOW READY Glass Cleaner -Concentrate     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1904-1907 SHOW READY Glass Cleaner RTU     MSDS     TECH
1910-1913 SHOW READY Non Acid Wheel Cleaner     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1920-1923 SHOW READY All Purpose Degrease/Cleaner     SDS          TECH
1930-1933 SHOW READY Tire Dressing     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1940-1943 SHOW READY Water Based Dressing     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1950-1953 SHOW READY Vehicle Wash     SDS     MSDS     TECH
1960-1963 SHOW READY Wash And Wax     MSDS     TECH
1964 SHOW READY Foam Pad Glaze High Gloss     MSDS     TECH
1966 SHOW READY EZ ON / EZ OFF Protectant     MSDS     TECH
1968 SHOW READY All In One     MSDS     TECH
1970-1973 SHOW READY Express Wax & Clean & Shine     MSDS     TECH
1974 SHOW READY High Gloss Detail Wax     MSDS     TECH
1976 SHOW READY Carnauba Paste Wax     MSDS     TECH
1980-1983 SHOW READY Acid Base Wheel Cleaner HF     MSDS     TECH
1984 SHOW READY Heavy Cut Heavy Duty Compound     MSDS     TECH
1986 SHOW READY Light Cut Polishing Compound      MSDS    TECH
1988 SHOW READY Instant Shine Hand Glaze     MSDS     TECH
4182 INTER-BOND Adhesion Promoter     MSDS
4183 INTER-GUIDE Guide Coat     SDS     MSDS     TECH
4185 Flexible Primer Surfacer Gray     SDS     MSDS     TECH
4186 Self-Etching Primer Green    MSDS     TECH
4187 Semi-Gloss Black Enamel     SDS     MSDS
4189 Flexible Bumper Coat 16 oz.     SDS     MSDS
4192 Flat Black Enamel     SDS     MSDS
4193 Gloss Black Enamel     SDS     MSDS
4195 Gloss White Enamel     SDS     MSDS
4201 Silver-Tone Lacquer     SDS     MSDS
4203 Clear-Gloss Lacquer     SDS     MSDS
4205 JAMB-IT CLEAR     SDS     MSDS 
4503 Spray Adhesive     MSDS     TECH
4504 Silicone Spray 100%     SDS     MSDS
4505 White Lithium Grease     SDS     MSDS
4509 Fast Drying Rubberized Undercoat     SDS     MSDS
4511 Economy Glass Cleaner     MSDS
4512 INTER-COAT Rubberized Undercoat  DISCONTINUED   MSDS
4513 ECON-O-COAT Rubberized Undercoat     SDS     MSDS
4514 Belt Dressing-DISCONTINUED     MSDS
4516 5-Way Lube Corrosion Fighter     SDS     MSDS
4518 Semi-Gloss Black Lacquer     SDS     MSDS
4519 European Black Trim Paint     SDS     MSDS
4520 Super Spray Trim Adhesive     MSDS     TECH
4521 E-Z Strip Paint & Gasket Remover     SDS     MSDS     TECH
4522 ULTRA-FINE Texture Coating Black     SDS     MSDS
4523 INTER-TEX Chip Guard Black    SDS     MSDS     TECH
4524 INTER-TEX Chip Guard White     MSDS     TECH
4525 INTER-WELD Weld-Thru Primer 16 oz.     SDS     MSDS
4526 INTER-WELD Weld-Thru Primer 8 oz.     MSDS
4527 Copper Weld-Thru Primer     SDS     MSDS     TECH
4530 Zinc Phosphate Primer Green     SDS     MSDS     TECH
4535 SUPER-FOAM Heavy Duty Cleaner     MSDS
4537 INTER-SHINE Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic     MSDS      TECH
         Protectant and Conditioner 
4538 HQ Premium Glass Cleaner     MSDS
4540 Brake Cleaner Non-Chlorinated     MSDS
4540-5 Brake Cleaner Non-Chlorinated (5 gal.)     SDS
4540-55 Brake Cleaner Non-Chlorinated (55 gal.)     SDS     MSDS
4550 Clear-Pen Lube     SDS     MSDS
4557 INTER-GUARD Rust Proofing Wax (Honey-coat)     SDS     MSDS
4560 Dry-Tef Lube     MSDS
4570 IES-2000 Anti-Seize Lubricant 16 oz.     SDS     MSDS
4577 Throttle Body & Carburetor Cleaner     SDS     MSDS
4580 Leak Finder Tracing Powder    SDS     MSDS
4585 Battery Protector & Sealer     MSDS
4586 Battery Cleaner & Leak Detector     SDS     MSDS
4590 Spray Leak Sealer Black     SDS     MSDS
4700 Super Cleaning Solvent 24 oz.          MSDS
4750 QUICKIE 5000 24 oz. Aerosol     SDS     MSDS
4777 RUST-BUSTER Penetrating Oil     SDS     MSDS
7008  3" ZIP Cutting Wheel      TECH
7009  4" ZIP Cutting Wheel      TECH
7044 SUPERASER Abrasive Wheel      TECH
7179 6x9 Hand Scuff Pad Green      TECH
7180 6x9 Hand Scuff Pad Maroon      TECH
7185 6x9 Hand Scuff Pad Grey      TECH
8001 Hi-Stress Epoxy (Rigid Set)      SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH   REPAIR
8010 Epoxyflex (Flexible Set)     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH   REPAIR 
8020 INTER-POUCH 5 fast Set Epoxy Mixing Pouches     MSDS     TECH
8030 Clear Epoxy Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH
8080 EASY-SAND Filler / Surfacer Repair Compound     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH
8160 Liquid Glass Clear Coating     MSDS
8165 Liquid Glass Clear Coating     MSDS
8405 INTER-MIX 10 Thick-Set Semi-Flexible     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS      TECH
8406 BEAD-IT Seam Sealer Sound Deadener     SDS H     SDS R     TECH
8408 INTER-MIX 40sec Rigid/Semi-Rigid-DISCONTINUED     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS
8409 INTER-MIX 40sec Flexible/Semi-Flexible    SDS H     SDS R     MSDS
8410 INTER-MIX 30 Flowable Seam Sealer     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH
8411 INTER-MIX 15 Seam Sealer/Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH
8412 INTER-MIX 5 Seam Sealer/Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH
8413 INTER-MIX 15 Flexible Seam Sealer/Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH
8414 INTER-MIX 60 SMC Panel Bonding     MSDS     REPAIR
8415 INTER-MIX 45 Door Skin Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH
8416 INTER-MIX 5 Hi-Stress Epoxy (Rigid)     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH     REPAIR
8417 INTER-MIX 5 Epoxyflex (Flexible)     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH    REPAIR
8420 INTER-MIX 60 Metal Panel Bonding     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH     REPAIR
8422 INTER-MIX 90 Hybrid Panel Bonding Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH     WELD REPAIR     SMC REPAIR
8423 INTER-MIX 90 Hybrid Panel Bonding Adhesive     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH     WELD REPAIR     SMC REPAIR
8440 QUICKIE-FIX 40sec     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS      TECH
8447 Flexible Anti-Flutter Foam     SDS A     SDS B
8449 INTER-FOAM 5sec Flexible Foam     MSDS
8451 INTER-FOAM 5sec Flexible Foam    SDS A     SDS B     MSDS
8455 INTER-FOAM 10sec Rigid Foam    SDS A     SDS B     MSDS
8460 INTER-MIX 5 Epoxy Clear Quick Setting     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH
8480 EASY-SAND Filler Surfacer Repair Compound     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS     TECH
8485 INTER-MIX 5 Epoxy Clear Quick Setting     SDS H     SDS R     MSDS   TECH
8515 INTER-WELD 15 MSA Adhesive     MSDS     TECH
8560 INTER-WELD 60 MSA Adhesive     MSDS     TECH      REPAIR
8700/8701 SECURE-BOND Bonding Agent/Primer     SDS     MSDS     TECH
8704 SECURE-BOND II Bonding Agent/Primer     SDS     TECH
8801 INTER-SKIM Flowable Polyester Glazing Putty   MSDS   TECH
8802 Cream Hardener for #8801     MSDS     TECH
9000 IES-303 Super Windshield Washer Tablets     SDS     MSDS
9001 IES-303 Super Windshield Washer Tablets     SDS     MSDS
9002 IES-303 Super Windshield Washer Tablets     SDS     MSDS
12020 BORON BUSTER     SDS     MSDS     TECH
12200 Boron Buster Carbide Spot Weld Bit     TECH
12220-12259 TICN Super Cobalt Spot Weld Bits     TECH
70530 Water-Proof Cloth Tape "Gaffer's tape"     MSDS     TECH
70545 INTER-PATCH Composite Repair Patch TECH     VIDEO
70720-70721 NU-SEAM Sealant Tape     TECH
70723-70724 NU-SEAM Arch Tape     TECH
70750-70753 FINE LINE Tape     TECH
70774-70778 MTP-1 Moulding Tape Primer     SDS
70778 MTP-1 Moulding Tape Primer     MSDS
70879-70896 Conform Tape Premium Double Sided Acrylic Tape     TECH
70987 INTER-MOUNT Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape     TECH
96212 Manual Applicator Gun     TECH
96215 Air Dual Cartridge Gun     TECH
FM00254-FM05406 Auto Body Panel & Glass Markers     TECH
PRA1 Plastic Repair Assortment

Miscellaneous Documents
Flexible Plastic Repair Procedure Sheet     (TECH)
Rigid Plastic Repair Procedure Sheet     (TECH)
New 2008 Style Cartridge Instructions     (TECH)
IES Credit Application     (APP)


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